Photo of a group of people at a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Redding Community Receives $24 Million in Funding for Downtown Revitalization Projects

The City of Redding in California has received $24 million in funding from the state for downtown development projects. The funding includes a $19.9 million Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities grant for the Block 7 Net Zero Housing and Downtown Activation Project, a mixed-use development in downtown Redding that will offer housing and transportation amenities, and a $4 million grant for additional parking in the downtown area. The Block 7 project was a joint submission by K2 Land and Investment, The McConnell Foundation, the City of Redding, and the Community Development and Revitalization Corporation. The funding builds on the momentum of ongoing revitalization efforts in the city, including a $20 million grant for the Redding Downtown Loop and Affordable Housing Project and $155 million in state funding for a new courthouse in downtown Redding.

Source: The McConnell Foundation

Photo of ribbon cutting at newly completed Redding project

Project would link River Trail to downtown Redding

The city of Redding, California is proposing improvements to the Diestelhorst-to-downtown trail in order to connect the Sacramento River Trail to the downtown area as soon as next summer. The $2.6 million grant-funded project includes lighting along trails and routes, completion of sidewalk gaps, a cycle track and pedestrian path, pavement striping, parking, crosswalks, warning beacons, signs, and a refuge island for pedestrian crossing. There are three options for a short section of Riverside Drive between Court and Center streets: keep it open to cars in both directions, make it one-way only, or close it off entirely. The project coincides with several other plans for downtown Redding, including the development of a four-story mixed-use building by K2 Development Companies and potential funding for a similar project by K2 and the McConnell Foundation to replace the northern half of the downtown parking garage.

Source: Redding Record Searchlight

Photo of two men viewing demolition of an old building.

Redding Chamber of Commerce to Host Wrecking Ball Party for Demolition of Old Dicker's Department Store

The Redding Chamber of Commerce is planning to host a party to celebrate the demolition of the old Dicker's department store in the Market Street Promenade and the groundbreaking for a new four-story, mixed-use building that will feature apartments, office, and retail space. The $38 million project is being developed by K2 Development Companies and aims to fill the ground-floor retail space with as many local businesses as possible, although there is also interest from national retailers. The new building is part of Redding's efforts to transform its downtown area and update its specific plan.

Source: Redding Record Searchlight

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