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The latest addition to a national chain, Apricot Lane Boutiques, opened its doors for the first time. Owner Kassandra Warner says it has finally come together just five days after giving birth to her first child. The retail side of the K2 Development Company's project has been vacant for two years, but Chief Executive Officer Allen Knott says while there's been plenty of interest, they're patiently choosing the right mix of tenants. “We feel like we have a civic duty to ensure that the mix of tenants and the quality of tenants in our downtown are programmed correctly in this building. Apricot Lane is the level of tenant that we’re looking for at Market Center," said Knott. "So, it is a huge milestone for the building and our downtown to really have proof of concept that these type of high-quality tenants can, and do, look for a space like this in our downtown.” 
Source: KRCR News Channel 7

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